An extremely random post

女人很善变 - 我在照着essay 的资料,找着找着就找到这些照片 =.=
看一看 笑一笑 也无妨。

1. 造反的狗狗


3 . 难道他只练右手?

4. GPS 出差错?

5. 日本人的英语不是盖的!

6. 恶性循环

7. piercing

8. 这是面子书外卖车?

9. 如果你真的很无聊的话:

10. 最佳丈夫


Pinkie123 said...

Haha..dear! it is really funny!!! Where did you get all these?? haha..You digress quite far away from your assignment wo!

dorrene said...

CAROL darling!!!!!!! i am so excited now to hear from a fren.. for days, i never talked to anyone. u like it? i love you!

dorrene said...

owh i got it from a website called 'lol snap' if not mistaken. hahakz!